What the hell happened to Facebook today?

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I’m just going to get this out and see what occurs after.

So Facebook newsfeeds have been intermittently interrupted today and it looks like the story runs like this.

Today Facebook allegedly tried to shut down the ad-serving operations of Social Cash, an ad network that operates inside Facebook applications.

However, it appears that in shutting down SocialCash, it’s also shut out all applications running SocialCash adverts.

This has affected at least four of the top 50 applications, thus making many people’s news feeds fall pretty silent. Two affected are We’re Related, the No. 4 application and the biggest non-game app, along with Mafia Wars Family Builder.

But app makers are keeping quiet about it so as not to piss off Facebook. How do I know? A well-placed VC just rung me because they are annoyed the companies they invested in are being affected.

I guess we’ll see how this plays out. But it’s an indication that Facebook now does more or less what it likes, without consultation with, well, anyone really.

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  • pete

    And this is different from when ?

    FB has always done what ever the hell it likes when it feels like it.

  • http://facebook mimi

    It’s down again! It’s frustrating because that app
    has pics and other info I use everyday. I should not rely on it anymore…..

  • Paul Gerard Mazzola

    I don’t understand why my Facebook is not working it’s been like 3 week’s now with out my facebook can you help me?

  • chhayleang yiv

    I can’t open my faceboo today please let me know what is happening to my facebook web ?

    • Ulyrian

      us tooo.

  • http://googlechrome elaine kiyawasew

    What the h— happened to facebook

  • Pactric

    why now my facebook cant log in.>?!!!!!!!

    • Noumankhan111

      when will i be ok……………..??????

  • Pactric

    Account Temporarily Unavailable what the hel! the facebook talking about.. FXXX!!!

  • Rex_kei09

    i am also having problems in facebook. .. all i can see are texts, no graphics, and they appear only in left side of the screen. . .what happened to facebook???

    • Guest

      yeah me too i hate it if that happens! it ralely happend that it would back to normal but when i log out,IT GOT COMPLETELY DRY AND I CANT OPEN ANY COMMENTS,APPS,NOTIFICATIONS AND MESSAGES IVE BEEN SUFFERING THAT FOR A WEEK

  • Alrom

    Just post if it’s back to normal.

  • ashter

    the problem of mine is that when i log in at my account i can’t see anything what i see is just the word home, profile, account, only…..why? because i always open my account everyday but today is the worst day ever……

  • http://twitter.com/vampire_slayer9 jeyson lisbo

    what the hell happen to facebook> its been a while now that i could not be able to see the wall of my account? they should have to send some notice of what’s happening right?

  • Ksjb11

    I don’t know what happened to my Facebook acount, It may have been the new yahoo, I realy coundn’t say, whom ever did what they did can stick the whole program up their rectal orfice Have a great day.

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    on every update facebook gone mad for a instant 

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