Photobucket Founders On To Their Next Startup: SlimeSandwich

In early August we broke the news that Photobucket founders Alex Welch and Darren Crystal would be leaving parent company News Corp. to try something new.

Now we know what that new thing is – an ambitious new online MMO and first person shooter game company called SlimeSandwich. So far the company has been operating in stealth mode. But sometime in the next couple of months they’ll launch their first game title, SCAPS Agent. Click the link to see a trailer of the upcoming game.

So far the company has raised around $1 million from the founders, and they may not be raising more. The game will make money via subscriptions and virtual goods. If it’s a hit, it could turn into a cash cow. If not, they’ll move on to the next game.

The team isn’t saying much more about SlimeSandwich or SCAPS Agent for now. Stay tuned for their launch.