Mobile Internet sees 34 percent jump this year: Thanks, women, teens & seniors


Embattled ratings company Nielsen has published some Internet findings that may interest you. (If not, go make a sandwich or something.) The big finding is that mobile access to the Internet has jumped 34 percent compared to last year, and it looks like women, teens and, yes, seniors make up the bulk of that increase. The mobile Internet: not just a place for 20-something men anymore. Darn.

So what are people looking at while on the mobile Internet? Women are all about and other celebrity nonsense. For shame, women, reading that trash.

Men, meanwhile, are all about, yes, GIZMODO! They also like Maxim (of course) and sports. I’m very happy to see Drudge in the top 10—I probably represent a full 10 percent of Drudge’s mobile visits!

All in all, nothing too crazy here. I don’t see Twitter anywhere in the top 10s, but that’s probably because Twitter didn’t really blow up till this past spring. Before that it was just the TechCrunch crowd on there, if you know what I mean.