Zynga Is On A Tear; Claims Nearly 130 Million Social Gamers.

Social gaming startup Zynga is seeing some impressive traction. It now boats 129 million monthly active users across its portfolio of more than 30 games, according to both Inside Facebook’s AppData(see chart) and Developer Analytics. That’s up from about 50 million three months ago, and 30 million in April.

Zynga’s most popular games are FarmVille (the most popular game on Facebook with 50 million cumulative players), Mafia Wars (the second most popular game on Facebook with 25 million), Zynga Poker, and YoVille. The majority of Zynga’s users play its games on Facebook, but it also has games Bebo, Hi5, MySapce, and Friendster.

Heere are some fun stats about each of its top games:

FarmVille—sort of like a Sim Farm, where you grow your own crops and manage a farm, FarmVille users have built more than 40 million virtual farms (which is 20 times more than actually exist in the U.S.). Players buy 500,000 virtual tractors a day in the game.

Mafia Wars —Every month, 140 million “jobs” are done by aspiring cappos in this game.

Zynga Poker—This used to be calledd Texas Hold’Em. Every day about 150 million hands are dealt (more than ten times as many as are dealt on an averag day in Las Vegas), and on there are usually 250,000 concurrent players, so you can always find a game.

YoVille—A game where you furnish a virtual apartment, buy pets, and eat funnel cakes. The 17 million residnents of YoVille have bought 10,000 pets and 40,000 funnel cakes since August alone.

As Zynga continues to grow, so does the IPO talk (and the litigation). Its revenues, which is well above nine figures now, possibly as high as $200 million a year, comes largely from its virtual currency, as well as ads.