Your “weight” for an internet-connected scale is over! Get it?


The “WiFi Body Scale” from French company Withings records your weight and BMI and automatically uploads it to a secure website, which would be a lot easier to make fun of if it weren’t for Wii Fit, which does that stuff but doesn’t upload it anywhere.

People made fun of Wii Fit at first and then it went on to become the most popular Wii game in the history of the universe, so it stands to reason that this scale may become the most popular scale in the history of scales. Or it may not. You never can tell.

And it wouldn’t be a serious product if there wasn’t also an iPhone app for keeping track of your progress as well, right? Well, there is. And get this: up to eight different people can keep track of their weight on the same scale. The scale even knows who’s who right when they step on the scale. Maybe it knows each person by the amount of meat in their feet. Science!

The scale costs $159 and is available at (and apparently Amazon, although it’s not in stock there at the moment). Yes, that’s a lot for a scale but even at $159 it offers far more value than the $55 Yay! Scale from earlier this week.

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