Verizon announces the Razzle, endless puns ensue

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When we first got word that Verizon would be announcing the Razzle today, a handful of potential posts popped into our brain almost instantly. Thing is, when it comes that easy for us, it came that easy for everyone else, too.

For instance, we could fall back on the fact that “Razzle” rhymes with “dazzle”, making some joke about how, with a 2.2″ screen and 1.3 megapixel camera, the only thing likely to “dazzle” anyone is the crazy twist-and-swivel design. From there, we could play on the idea that the manufacturer, PCD, is “really twisting it up” by having a QWERTY keyboard on one half of the rotating design, and music controls and stereo speakers on the other.

But you know, we won’t do that. And if we won’t write that, what’s left to write?

Not a whole lot. Look for it on the shelves for a cent shy of $70 some time in October.