Is that the HP Pavilion dv3? Yes, yes it is.


Oh my God is that the HP Pavilion dv3, complete with a fancy touchscreen? Oh my God it is! And is that the Engadget watermark? Oh my God it is! Man those guys are crazy!

So some upcoming HP product material “leaked” (things don’t “leak” without a reason), and featured rather prominently is the HP Pavilion dv3. I’m hesitant to call it a netbook because its screen is much too large for the typical netbook definition. Yet HP applies the “Your digital world in your hands!” tag line, which leads me to believe it will be marketed as such.

In any event, the specs are right there for all to see. Considering I haven’t used an HP device since probably 1998, I can’t exactly predict how HP’s fans will react. A simple yea or nay will suffice.

Also leaked in the product materials: the HP Pavilion dm1 and Pavilion dv8.

I guess HP has come a long way since 1998!