Can't choose what to watch? We have 100 invites to Partigi

Partigi almost sounds like a board game, and it maybe fitting, since they’re a new social network geared toward helping indecisive movie-holics chose their next flick or tv series, whether online or through their mobile phone (iPhone app coming).  According to Partigi, they’ll simplify your selection process by going through your tastes, taking into account your favorites, as well as suggestions made by your Partigi friends, making sure that you discover obscure titles as well as popular ones.

Partigi is also responsible for the well known Spanish blogging platform, La Coctelera, is beating with a Spanish heart, but they already have most of the site translated in English. We’ve arranged a sneak preview for 100 Techcrunch Europe readers into their private beta before they launch.

The concept is very similar to the U.S. Flixter or Jinni (still in beta). Partigi lets you display what you do internally in your Facebook and Twitter profile, as well as import your contacts from a primary webmail services. They claim a catalog of 15,000 titles and a technology that is based on a general popularity index, an algorithm that takes into account all users, the relationship between users, your friends’ recommendations and your own individual taste index.

For now, however, the service seems quite limited so they have plenty to do if they’re going to captivate and retain an active user base.  A full Facebook app seems like the next obvious step to generate the right interaction numbers and get a chunk of movie buff traffic.