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Don't show your parents: HTC Tattoo spotted on video

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HTC Tattoo Hardware

HTC’s first foray into a cheap budget-friendly Android smartphone comes in the form of the previously revealed Tattoo (what are you trying to say, HTC, all us poor folks have tattoos?). And just like a real tattoo, HTC wants your Tat to be personal and unique, so the phone comes with removable/swappable front and back covers to provide for that extra level of personalization (or chintzy-ness, depending on your taste). If it were up to us, the device would also come with a set of cute macho geeky Android-themed temporary tatts (picture the Android robot skateboarding, biting a rose, or flexing its guns, for example). You know. For the kids. Not us. Really.

In any case, the::unwired has posted a hands-on video that we wanted to share with all of you, our favorite fandroids. As mentioned when the Tattoo was unveiled earlier this month, the budget-Droid features: Android v1.6 (Donut), HTC’s lovely Sense UI, an economical (compared to a capacitive) 2.8″ resistive touch screen, aGPS receiver, FM radio, digital compass, 3.2MP fixed-focus camera (i.e. no auto focus), 3.5mm headphone jack (!), and a 5-way D-pad for non-gesture navigation. The HTC Tattoo is expected to be inked drop in Europe sometime next month, with the “rest” of the world markets to follow in the coming months.

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