SmartScreen: The most wonderful thing you'll never see on your (non-jailbroken) iPhone

Widgets. They’ve been all-the-rage slowly simmering as the go-to “next big thing” in mobile since 2004. Though no one has yet to launch a massively successful widget engine, some are still banking on the idea as a means of competing in a world suddenly filled with full-fledged Apps coming out of full-fledged App Stores. Now, thanks to a handful of ingenious developers out of Switzerland, they’re coming to the iPhone.

Through MediaPhone’s solution, SmartScreen, Dashboard-esque widgets are placed on the iPhone lockscreen. Widgets are contained within swipe-able pages, and can be moved around with a long press. This all going down on the lockscreen means, of course, that you’ll have to jailbreak to play – but come on, Apple. Give us something like this. Even if not everyone uses them, it’s just one more thing to sell in the App Store. 50 cent widgets? I’ll take 20.

Developers are currently being weighed for their beta widget development program, with the first run of the product expected to launch come November.

[Via TUAW]