One million PS3 Slims sold worldwide since its launch


Finally, actual PS3 Slim sales numbers. Before all we had were percentages—sales up 300 percent over last week, that type of thing. Anyhow, Sony sold one million PS3 Slims since its launch back on September 1. That’s worldwide, mind you.

What does that mean? Well, for one, and this is the most obvious, is that the PS3 Slim is something of a hit. It also does away with the notion that people had “tuned their back” on Sony’s little system that could; it probably just means that, yeah, the PS3 was just too damn expensive for many people in the PS2 userbase. That five hundred and ninety-nine dollars slight really did Sony no favors, now did it?

It also means that, um, THE CONSOLE WAR isn’t really over, the fact that nearly everyone on Planet Earth owns a Nintendo Wii notwithstanding. Never mind that so many games are multi-platform these days.

I, for one, am reasonably pleased to see Sony finally get things together, after three long years in the wilderness. If the PSP Go sells well, expect to see article after article saying “Sony Is Back.” They’d be right, but it’s sorta predictable.