Google Chrome OS video does not suddenly show up after late night Twittering. We have a walk-through but it's fake

Good morning! It seems that Google Tweeted last night about a strange and mysterious video purporting to show Google Chrome OS in the flesh. Our thoughts? Damn, this is going to be a fun OS.

From login to browsing to game playing, this little OS seems to be solid, smooth, and actually quite pretty. It’s amazing what a company can do with a few billion dollars and some of the brightest minds in the business.

Also, as MG pointed out, this could be fake as all get out. The video is from July and the Twitter stream is not official. A leak? An accident? A fake? Photoshopping an iTablet is one thing, but a whole video?

UPDATE – Yes, this is fake. In my early morning excitement I didn’t do a quick GIS. Take a look at this image from Wave:

And this one:


It’s either a cut and paste job or they’re both playing the Ludovico defense. Sorry for raising your heart rate.

What we see is a boot up screen with clever “filling a beaker” animation, a login screen with an option for anonymous browsing, presumably an unrecorded guest mode, and then a quick spin through the browser and a desktop version of Google Wave.

The most interesting mode, however, is this “task switcher” screen which seems to be more like an unstructured dock.


As we see there are icons for a camera, calculator, YouTube, a Twitter app, a dictionary, media player, and a weird Android icon which suggests some sort of syncing capabilities. There is also a DVD/CD icon which suggests this will work on much larger machines.

via 9to5Mac