Don't look now, but the Fonera2n router is now available


The Fonera name doesn’t really mean much here in the U S of A, but it’s a little more popular in Europe. (I know I occasionally ran into Fonera Wi-Fi networks in Barcelona last year, and I had never seen one in Manhattan or Queens in New York.) In any event, Fon has, indeed, released the Fonera 2n router here in the U.S.. The big thing is that it works with 802.11n. I guess that’s what the “n” is for.

As the fun little pic shows, the router has built-in clients for a couple of popular Web sites, like YouTube and Facebook. That means if you have the router connected to a netbook, your netbook could be totally turned off and you’d still be able to upload content to YouTube and Facebook. Why you’d need to do that, I don’t know.

What the heck is Fonera, you ask? It’s a company that’ll sell you a router on the cheap—this new one costs $99—on the condition that you share your Internet connection with other Fonera users, thus building a mini Fonera Internet. Sorta. You know what I mean. Again, I haven’t seen too many of these here in the U.S., but, for example, I’ve never been to tech-crazy San Francisco in my life. Maybe it’s big out there?