Auto manufacturers don't think you should text while driving either

aa_logoThis just in: the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers thinks it’s a bad idea for you to talk on your phone while driving if you’re not using a headset. They also think that you shouldn’t text while driving, because that causes you to take your eyes off the road. Well duh?

Never one to be ahead of the curve, the AAM (Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers) announced today that they are are supporting the ban on “text messaging using a hand-held device or calling using a hand-held device while driving a motor vehicle.”

They’ve come to this conclusion after the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute conducted a “100 Car Study” that found that minimizing eye-off-the-road time is critical to the design of any feature added to car. This study apparently took 10 years and over 100 million dollars about $20 and a trip to the mall to complete.