AT&T's GOP senators back off anti-Net Neutrality stance, now open to ‘dialogue’ with FCC


A bit of an update to that whole AT&T-linked senators story from the other day. Well, our complaining must have worked because the senators will no longer try to block Net Neutrality. USA!

A Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee (that’s where Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, who first made the proposal, resides) staffer told this to the Washington Post:

While we are still generally opposed to net neutrality regulations, we have decided to hold off on the amendment because [FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski] approached us and we are beginning a dialogue.

So, a small victory for Net Neutrality for the time being. I’m hesitant to dance in the streets because they’re still “generally opposed” to the regulation. And why wouldn’t they be? When you’ve got the likes of AT&T funding your campaigns to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars, you better damn well know what side your bread is buttered, so to speak.

That’s the beauty of lobbying: AT&T makes how many million dollars per year, and yet it only takes a couple thousand to totally skew the legislative process to its favor. Amazing political process we’ve got here.

via DailyFinance