R2D2 features 8 consoles, projector


And here we see one of the most useful implementations of an astromech droid to date. Modder Brian De Vitis gutted a novelty R2D2 beverage cooler and somehow managed to stuff eight old-school consoles inside. And – AND! – there’s a built-in projector. Very nice.

From Popular Science:

“To get rid of the mess of wires from his many videogame consoles, PopSci reader Brian De Vitis decided to repurpose his R2-D2-shaped cooler. The engineering student modified its legs and repainted it to look more realistic. Then he stacked the motherboards from the eight consoles on shelves inside, added a sound system, and rearranged the inputs so he could plug in controllers from the outside. To watch all the gaming action, he added a projector in the rig’s dome, just like the real R2’s.”

Judging from the photo, it appears that the consoles used are: NES, Atari, Dreamcast, N64, SNES, Genesis, PS1, and Xbox. That’s a lot of cords to keep untangled, yes, but I think you’ll agree that it’d be totally worth it.

[PopSci via HacknMod]