Tweetboard Launches Twitter Client And URL Shortener

Tweetboard, a recently-launched product that lets you create a Twitter-powered forum on any site, is adding additional functionality by releasing a Twitter client, new API, and a URL shortener, called PO.ST.

As we’ve written in the past, the advantage to Tweetboard is is the ability to view discussions as a thread, similar to what you’d find on FriendFeed or Facebook. Tweetboard threads all replies, and all nested replies (replies to replies) on Twitter. With Tweetboard’s functioning web-based Twitter client (which will be released at the end of the month), you’ll be able to access the threaded conversations around a particular Tweet. Plus, you’ll be able to Tweet and access your stream from within the Twitter client.

Aside from its fairly original name, Tweetboard’s new URL shortener is designed to compliment it’s client and site widget, letting people shorten URLs from the client and product. Tweetboard is also releasing an an API to allow developers to integrate Tweetboard and is launching a private label service that will let users create a branded “Tweetboard” widget for their sites.

While Tweetboard, which is a product of startup 140Ware, is currently in private alpha, the startup has generously given us 20,000 invites to TechCrunch readers, which you can access here.

Tweetboard may be a little late in the game to launch a Twitter client and URL shortener, which are both areas that are over-saturated with offerings. But packaging conversations into a forum and thread from the client is innovative and could be appealing to users.