SeedcampWeek09: Winbladh and Klein riff on the startup 'rollercoaster'

Employing an alarming stream of profanity (but endearing the audience along the way as a result), yesterday Sendit founder Hjalmar Winbladh talked the audience at Seedcamp Week through his entrepreneurial journey, compered by Saul Klein. Here are a few highlights.

Saul Klein: “Being an entrepreneur is a lifelong journey.”

Winbladh: “Creating a company is at least for 10 years, and you’ll make lots of mistakes.”

Winbladh: “I hired some really senior guys, but they weren’t used to actually working.”

Winbladh: “Correcting mistakes is difficult to do. But when you’re no longer correcting the same mistakes, then you know you’re making some progress.”

Klein: “For European entrepreneurs, that’s one of the biggest lessons. Don’t be afraid of failure. The most successful entrepreneurs have failed and have come back again.”

Saul Klein: “How do you know when to quit?”
Winbladh: “I’ve been closer to bankruptcy a lot more times than being in a position to sell a company. It’s about knowing how to recognise and fix your mistakes.”

(Picture: @sarunic)