P-Flip iPhone dock doubles as a backup battery


This is the P-Flip Foldable Power Dock. It comes in five different colors, costs $55, and pulls double duty as both a backup battery and dock for your iPhone or iPod touch. The backup battery has a 2000-mAh capacity, which ought to be good for almost two full charges.

Curiously, the same product is available as a Brookstone Exclusive, which apparently just means that it’s only available in black and costs $15 extra. UPDATE: The Brookstone version comes with an AC wall charger, whereas the standard version only comes with a USB cable.

If you really want to save some big, big, big bucks, though, go for the two-pack at $105. That’s a total savings of – drum roll, please – five dollars.

P-Flip [Dexim via SlashGear]