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Inoqo is a new Twitter-based hotel booking engine that claims to provide a win-win solution for recession-hit hoteliers and travelers who need a hotel room, like, right now. Inoqo (surely “” would have been a better name?) capitalises on the “real-time web” to bring last-minute deals to forgetful or busy travellers. It opened to hotels this week in the USA, France, Portugal, England, Scotland, Ireland and South Africa.

According to Inoqo, it’s “never too late” to book a room: all you need to do is follow one of Inoqo’s “CityStream” Twitter feeds and watch the last-minute deals start rolling in.

For example, hotels in London will push their offers out via @2LondonHotels (you can find the complete list of destinations here). Once you’ve found a deal you want to snap up, you place an order via Inoqo’s own booking system. Afterwards, you can unfollow the CityStream if you wish.

Even if Twitter has no idea how to make money yet, there are plenty of companies who are figuring out ways to use the platform to make money themselves: Inoqo is free to travelers but charges hotels commission on any bookings made.

The company is privately funded, and has plans for an affiliate program that will enable bloggers and website owners to embed widgets.

  • Stefano

    Clever! yet if we talk about hotels and big cities this right-now has to be really bed-time, I guess you can expect to cut a good deal for an accommodation in London only if you show up at 9:00pm or so. I believe tour operators might use this concept better as they have pre-packaged offers with charter flights going to waste few days before departure. However great idea! …I wonder who is going to need Expedia in few years, will we end up consuming travel products through Facebook, Twitter or perhaps directly Google?

  • Andrew Lawson

    I followed this service yesterday as it looked like a good idea. I used London as an example and so far one deal is £380 per night and the other £448 – and it looks like it is a lot cheaper on Expedia!

    So I’m not sure about the “deals” or how many likely users are really likely to ever pay those sort of prices.

    At least with Lastminute you normally get something pretty nice for a good price.

    • Nik Smit

      Thanks for the feedback Andrew.

      What we’ve done with Inoqo is ensure the offers are either great packages (usually with upgrades/complimentary items/etc.), or great rates. They must be one of the two, and of course they must be last-moment.

      I’m pleased to say we’re bringing on more hotels every day – which means more offers of both kinds, for more budgets, in more destinations, as we scale up.

      Thanks for your support – all feedback very welcome.

    • Stefano

      Expedia is basically a reseller, meaning they either get a commission from the hotel rates or charge a markup on net rates. Even if they struggle to make sure hotels give them competitive rates, better deals are not hard to find :-)

  • Heather Laler

    This is a genius idea! I really hope the site takes off. My husband and I did something similar to the Cliveden “Luxury Flight and Out of Town Package with dinner and champagne” offer last year, and he about died when he saw how much we could have saved with the inoqo price. Truly a great deal!

  • Clare Right

    Not convinced, whats stopping anyone using twitter to find and follow hotel deals themselvs. Its a bit like setting up a group on facebook and selling friends to people! oops! Your also seriously limiting your market as the vast majority of hotels who decide to use twitter end up not bothering to update or use it as a revenue stream, why? because its not dedicated for there market, time, resources, social networking experience, better altenatives and very little return if any. Its awareness advertising at best. Sorry guys someone has swallowed a twitter pill here.

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  • Dorian Harris

    What on earth is this site all about? Hotels have been selling lastminute deals for years – online and real-time. They feed them through anyone and everyone –, laterooms, orbitz.

    And then these guys pitch in, charging 15% commission.

    Talk about solving a problem that didn’t exist. I give this site 6 months.

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  • Cxuthbert Cxuthbert

    Even if Twitter has no abstraction how to accomplish money yet, there
    are affluence of companies who are addition out means to use the
    belvedere to accomplish money themselves. Inoqo is chargeless to
    travelers but accuse hotels agency on any bookings made.

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