Colorio Me E-800: Epson Japan to roll out postcard printer/photo frame hybrid

Epson Japan has announced the Colorio E-800 [JP], a new device that serves as both a postcard printer and a digital photo frame. The E-800 makes it possible to print 89 x 127mm pictures without having to use a computer. Pictures or a calendar can be viewed on a 7-inch LCD screen with 800×480 resolution.

You can add to your postcards or pictures via the wireless keyboard that comes with the device, which can be connected to Macs and Windows PCs if you really need to. You also get two USB 2.0 ports and a remote control (it’s also possible to get prints directly via your iPhone – see the picture below). Epson says it takes about 30 seconds to print a full-color postcard with the E-800 and that each print costs about $0.20.


Epson plans to start selling the E-800 in Japan on October 7 for $600. The company hasn’t said yet whether it will make the device available outside Japan as well.