YourTour launches personal travel planning service in public beta (TC50)

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One European company that picked the TechCrunch50 conference to launch a service was DemoPit participant deciZium, which launched its travel planning website YourTour in public beta and gave the audience a demo of its capabilities during the event’s breaks.

Granted, there are a lot of travel-related websites and applications out there which makes it quite difficult to come up with something unique in this space, but YourTour does have a number of interesting features that deserve a second look. In essence, the website offers personalized travel planning assistance based on one’s wishes, preferences and limitations.

To use the service, you need to enter some basic coordinates like destinations and dates after which a custom tour which will be automatically calculated and presented, based on tens of thousands of records for activities and places in the YourTour database. At this moment, YourTour only supports custom itineraries and plans for travels to France, but more countries are underway.

The idea is that by merely inputting basic information, YourTour will tell you what you can do during the time you are there, so you don’t need to figure that out for yourself using printed guides or multiple websites. You can always finetune results by indicating how many people are joining you for travel, whether you’re bringing children, what time you plan to get up every day, your budget, what your interests are (culture, nature, sports, shopping, etc.) and how much time per day you’d like to spend doing any activities at all. Once you’ve rebuilt a travel planning guide to your satisfaction, you can book the entire tour by clicking just one button (in collaboration with

Ultimately, deciZium aims to market its YourTour service as a white label solution for tourism agencies, hotel chains and other travel industry pros to offer a tailor-made travel planning service to their customers directly. A pilot application is currently being tested by BEST Tours.

Personally, I think part of the charm of travelling is looking up what to do once I’m at my destination, trusting fate or recommendations from people on the spot. However, I think in the end there will always be people who like everything getting laid out for them nice and easy, and I could definitely see such people paying YourTour a visit. If enough people will do that for YourTour to become a viable business, remains the question of course.

  • george cao

    Speed seems to be an issue at this point, but the user experience in general is pretty good.

  • Cian O'Sheehan

    They shouldn’t base it all around actually booking the tour because it’s narrowing the participation too much. People should be able to log on and use the sites features just to check out what’s going on whether they’ve already booked their holiday.

    • Bachir Salamat


      you don’t have to book a tour in order to use the system, actually you don’t even need even to have profile and login you can just go and check it out even if you don’t plan to book.

      Chief Technology Officer

  • http://freakyidea freakyidea

    This is something gr8. Lot depends on the way they maintain there databases and provide latest deals and information.

  • RoadTweets

    Looks like a good stab at going after an under-served travel market: the drivers. Agree that its VERY slow which is going to frustrate alot of users – each day of the trip requires a lengthy server call, and browser back button doesn’t seem work.

    But guessing there are some pretty complicated algorithms running in the background. Once Web services are available might be some iteresting things that can be done with it. On we did a Google maps mashup of National Geographic Traveler’s Drives of a Lifetime (see here: , be interesting to plug this functionality in for lodging options.

    May also be worth considering for to create US version of site (the app provides driving cost estimates in Euros). But hard to consider if speed isn’t improved – otherwise bail rate is going to be extremely high.

    • bachir salamat

      your comment about the speed is correct and on spot.

      This is a beta version and we did learn from a number of the mistakes we did technical wise. a new is already under development where performances and speed will be hugely improved.

      Chief Technology Officer

  • michael j lambie

    There’s definitely plenty of space for improvement for this. If it can take account all the factors of planning a trip from hotel, activities, restaurants, take into account proximity, price, hours of availability, seasonal activities and put a recommendation enginge around it, that’s a success. I look forward to the evolution.

    • bachir salamat


      the system

    • bachir salamat


      the system already takes into account price, hours of availability (for hotels), and opening hours (attractions).

      proximity wise we take into account the geographical location of elements and driving time and cost.

  • RobertKCole

    Itinerary planning is currently a hot spot for travel startups – the key however, will be to focus on providing the ability to identify (on a highly personalized basis) the best activities, best sequencing, best routing, and best pricing in a highly flexible manner.

    The key to success however, will be creating a platform that provides the capability to flexibly consolidate:

    – personalized recommendations (like Youniverse),
    – content booked elsewhere (like TripIt),
    – possible options (like gliider),
    – activities (like Kijubi),
    – single search end-to-end plans (like Zoombu), and
    – best pricing (like Kayak)

    both prior to a trip, and to add or modify plans in market from a mobile device will provide the user with a tool that can become indispensable.

    I like YourTour – definitely a step in the right direction, but there is still a very long way to go – not to mention expansion outside of France.

    • bachir salamat


      expansion outside of France is underway we already have a woring demo of Florida that will launch soon. also Spain and Italu will soon be added to the system

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  • Richard Dennis

    As experienced as I am as a traveler, it’s nice to see what others have done who have traveled before me. This site is merely a GUIDE, it does not compel you to follow its path. In that spirit, I believe this site will be valuable despite how you may look at its value.

    Just as a FYI, I have traveled to over 85 countries, and I still use a guide to help me with what is in the region so that I don’t miss anything important or utilize my time more efficiently.

    World Travel Photographs 360°

  • Joe Buhler

    DeciZium actually launched YourTour at the ’08 PhoCusWright Travel Innovation Summit and got some well deserved attention for trying to solve a long standing problem for travelers, how to design a multiple destination trip based on their personal preferences on a single website.

    This represents a number of challenges and is not easy to solve. The business potential exists, especially for long distance outbound markets where these types of trips are still put together by tour operators and offer limited flexibility to travelers. Think U.S. to Europe and vice versa, Japan / China to Europe or to the U.S. These are largely multiple-city trips with a range of services to be priced, booked and confirmed.

    Allowing these trips to be planned and booked conveniently online will be a step in the direction of offering an improved customer experience.

    • RoadTweets

      Yea Joe, I agree there’s a sizeable market for a product like this, but I’ve seen many attempts like this that fail due to the inability to translate the complexity of the application into a simple and seemless consumer-facing UI.

      Most of these end up feature-loading the app in attempt to include everything, which ends up crushed the app under the weight of itself. The booking component is obviously the toughest part here.

      I think YourTour has some great technology and possibilities, I just think they need to make some tough tradeoffs between functionality and ease of use. (Unless of course they’re just using this French site as a showcase to drum up b-to-b deals)

      • Joe Buhler

        You’re right. There are many challenges and the company I worked with who had a solution for many, but not all, of them eight years ago never made it, not the least due to consumer unfamiliarity with the interface itself.

        Booking all components in real-time remains another issue.

        My point is that to find a solution remains elusive but if someone can nail it there is a market for it.

      • Sesli Sohbet

        Thanks good comments

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  • Planisoft

    Any idea when you will pay us the work? I remind that is using part of source code that is not paid. Waiting for 2 years now…

    Planisoft & Frontware

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