The Perfect App To Start Your Weekend Off With A Drink – Or Several Drinks. Fast.

IMG_0496I love the fact that Power Music Hour, a new app for the iPhone, never once mentions drinking in its App Store page description. But anyone who has been to college in the past decade will know exactly what this app is for: A drinking game.

A “Power Hour” is a game in which you must drink one shot of beer every minute for an hour (there are variations). Yes, that’s 60 shots of beer. Yes, that will get you very, very drunk. But again, this app never once mentions drinking in its description, and instead implies that it may just be fun to listen to music for a minute at a time. I love it.

Then I dove into the App Store and looked at some other “Power Hour” apps — there are a ton of them. And hilariously, none seem to mention drinking at all. One, Hour of Power, has a description that even reads as follows:

Ever needed a one minute timer to pace yourself while listening to music? With Hour of Power, you can play one minute of any artists, albums, songs, or playlists from your iPod.

When exercising, you can use your music to tell you when to switch weights or activities. When jogging, you can use it to tell you when to change speeds.

Exercising? Jogging? Ha!

We all know what these apps are for, even if they found a rather brilliant loophole in Apple’s App approval system: Simply create a drinking game app, don’t mention the drinking part, and you’ll get a nice 4+ rating, rather than a much more restrictive one (or possibly even rejection).

But we’re going to focus on Power Music Hour because at least they were honest in their email to us about the app:

Howdy TechCrunchers,

Hope you’re all having a lovely week, but in case you’re not we’d like to give you the opportunity to forget all those blog posts you were meaning to post and take a sec to check out our new app, the perfect companion to a 30-rack and an office full of writers.

Let us kindly introduce Power Music Hour, the best (if not first) power hour application for the iPhone & iPod Touch.

So take a load off, grab your favorite drink(s), and enjoy yourself. Hey, your lunch break is an hour long, right? ;)

The app itself is great as a Power Hour app. It takes the music that on your iPhone or iPod touch and cycles through it in 60-second intervals (you can also make it longer or shorter). There is then an audible “ding” when that minute is up, and the song changes.

Back in the day, we used to have to use a stop watch to do Power Hours, this is much, much better!

Find Power Music Hour in the App Store here. It is $0.99. Please drink responsibly. Or, please listen to music for a minute at a time responsibly. While jogging. Or whatever.