Need to steady your iPhone? There's a tripod and app for that.

blur tripodFrom the same folks who brought you the iTwinge QWERTY keyboard iPhone adapter comes an iPhone-specific three-legged stabilizer + app, the Blur Tripod.

This is a total blur-removing minimizing system, complete with tripod, iPhone tripod adapter, and Blur Tripod software. Video after the jump.

According to the official product page:

Eliminate blur from photos and videos on your iPhone with the world’s first iPhone tripod adapter, mini tripod and enhancement App.

Our package includes:

* Blur™ Tripod Adapter – Connects the iPhone to photographic tripods

* Mini Tripod – Small, portable tripod (fits in briefcase, fanny pack, purse, backpack or jacket pocket) & Connects to the Tripod Adapter

* Blur™ Tripod Software – Enhances photos with adjustable photo delay, multiple pictures with variable delay and a level feature within the camera App

* Price for Hardware $14.99 USA Funds

* Price For Blur™ Software $0.99 (Available on iTunes Shortly)