Palm on WinMo: Sorry, it's over.


Palm just got off the phone with Windows Mobile (well, actually, they just got off the phone with a bunch of members of the press – but roll with it.) “You know, we’ve been on again and off again for a while. We’ve seen other people, I’ve kinda gone and done my own thing.. and, well, you’re just holding me down. It’s.. it’s over.”

Yeah, yeah – you probably could have guessed as much, but Palm made it official during a press call today that they’re through with Windows Mobile, with WebOS now serving as their exclusive OS of choice.

Other tid bits from todays call:

  • 823,000 Palms sold in Q1, with the majority of that (though no solid number was given) being Pre handsets
  • We can expect a “steady stream of updates and features”
  • Accessories aren’t making them any money – when pushed, the total amount was “very, very small”.
  • [Via EngadgetMobile]