Rumor: Apple to refresh the iMacs and Macbooks soon

imac.previewNow that the new iPods have been announced, it’s time for the next round of everyone’s favorite game, What’s Apple Got For Us Next? This time research firm Wedge Partners thinks that we will see new iMacs and new Macbooks “in the next several weeks.” O rly?

The iMacs definitely aren’t slouching in the tech department but it’s been a while since an update. If anything, the CPUs might get a slight bump, but it’s likely to see updated GPUs and larger hard drives. Chances are that if the model line was going to get a drastic change, Apple would have made sure that they were available before school started back up.

The same goes for the MacBook. If there was going to be a major revamp, it would have probably been unveiled a few weeks ago. But don’t be surprised if a larger hard drive and a faster CPU makes its way into the classic, white MacBook.