Case-mod: Stargate Pyramid HTPC

There’s an interesting correlation between computer hobbyists and science fiction fans. That’s never more obvious then when you see some of the custom case mods that people produce. Case in point, today we have a Stargate Goa’uld Ha’tak inspired modification. Whomever built this thing obviously spent an enormous amount of time on it, and it really shows in their trousers.

PC modder “Gup” built this project by hand, and while he doesn’t reveal exactly how long it took him to build it, or how much he spent, it’s truly a labor of love. The case opens via a motor driven cover, and reveals a custom interface on an LCD monitor. It’s not powerhouse of a computer, but obviously it’s designed as a HTPC and not a gaming rig.

Here’s the full spec:
Intel T7200 Core2Duo
Mini-ITX Commell LV-677
2Gb DDR2
160Gb HDD
Gforce 9400GT

Obviously, this is a one off design, and won’t be available at a retailer any time soon. I definitely encourage you to watch the video, “Gup” did a really good job and you can get a better idea of exactly how he had to hand craft every part.

[via Slashgear]