Zune update in 60…59…58… (now)

Reminder! That Zune HD launch is hitting tomorrow, and I guarantee they’re going to be at least trying to roll the new 4.0 software out at midnight. I’m spending my Monday night drinking beer and refreshing zune.net, why aren’t you? All right, I also watched Gossip Girl. On accident!

Anyway, the new stuff they’ve got coming is hot. I’ll post a full unboxing and tour tomorrow for the curious. Having handled the hell out of this little thang, I can tell you it’s worth taking a look.

The update is live. 131.2MB? Seriously? After I wrote a thousand words on iTunes taking up 88?

http://zune.net/en-us/products/software/download/default.htm if you must know.

come on guys
C’mon guys! Let’s make this happen!

“Zune needs an update”
“Can’t contact Microsoft Update right now”

Son of a..

coooooome on

Seriously. Launch it or don’t launch it. I like this thing but your competitor, Apple, wouldn’t launch a new platform that didn’t work, even at midnight. Let’s do this, people!

Okay. I’m doing this in the morning. With coffee. If you can make it go, comment how you did so here for other very early adopters.