Motorola wants everyone to Cliq, looks beyond T-Mobile


Last Thursday, Motorola announced its first Android-based smartphone, Cliq, alongside its new custom Android interface, MOTOBLUR. Although no specific availability or pricing information was released, it was pretty clear (read: T-Mo’s CTO was on stage) that T-Mobile would be the exclusive carrier of MOTO’s new Hail Mary device.

But that was so last week. Fast forward a few days and there are now reports suggesting that T-Mo’s exclusivity will either be short-lived, or possibly even non-existent. According to the Wall Street Journal, Motorola co-CEO, Sanjay Jha, said Monday that his company is “in talks with all large operators in U.S.” and is “fairly hopeful [Motorola] will begin to engage with all the U.S. operators.”

In all likelihood, we’re willing to bet that T-Mobile will indeed be the exclusive Cliq carrier, albeit for a very brief time. If the Cliq is really going to save Motorola, then by all means, it’s clearly in MOTO’s best interest to have it and its soon to be revealed MotoDroid siblings available on as many mobile carriers as possible.

FierceWireless via WSJ