Wall Street Journal to begin charging for on-the-go access

bb-wsjLike the Wall Street Journal? Enjoy catching up on the latest business news while on the go via your iPhone, CrackBerry, or other mobile device? Love to spend money? Well then you are in luck! The Wall Street Journal is preparing to charge users for mobile access to its content according to Rupert Murdoch, owner of the paper and everyone’s favorite news mogul.

With newspapers all over the country struggling to remain afloat, owners are scrambling for new ways to squeeze money out of their publications. The WSJ is set to begin charging $2/week for non-subscribers and $1/week for subscribers for mobile access “in one or two months.”

Murdoch is no stranger to charging users for access. The Wall Street Journal began charging readers for online access to the paper some time ago, and remains one of the few traditional newspaper-turned-webpaper to succeed with paid content.

via Y! Tech