TC50: Unlocking Learning Through Videos And Games With Clasemovil

Kids today with their YouTube and video games, how do they expect to learn anything? Alex Moctezuma has an idea. How about teaching them with games and videos. Moctezuma is the CEO of Mexican startup Clasemovil, which he just showed a demo of at TechCrunch50.

Clasemovil is a fun learning community aimed at K-12th grade across Latin America. It is filled with hundreds of interactive lessons in the guise of videos, games, and learning activities. Students pick a subject like math, history, language, or science. They are then presented with a menu of related activities. The site is self-directed. The students pick which activities to explore, much like they would on a regular entertainment site.

The students earn points for answering questions correctly. Each subject has its own page with a leaderboard of top-scoring students. The points can be converted into a virtual currency. Each student has a profile page where they can see how many points they’ve accumulated, send messages to other members, and make new friends.

Teachers and schools also get a view into student activity. They can monitor a specific student’s performance, or that of an entire class. If a student is struggling with science, Clasemovil acts as an early warning system.

The company is also launching a virtual world to teach kids about personal finance. Students can apply for a virtual credit card with which they can buy virtual goods. They get points for saving and paying off their debt.

Moctezuma plans to charge for premium memberships for students or bulk licensing for schools. The startup is backed by $500,000 from an angel investor.

Expert Panel Q&A

Ron Conway: How much has been invested in the company so far. It seems like millions.

Moctezuma: We have world two years to develop the videos and all the contenet. We are thinking to scale it so that teachers can

Conway: So is it $1 million

Moctezuma: Half million dollars.

Conway: You have accomplished a lot with half a million dollars

Don Dodge: I like it, I think it is a high quality presentation. You have a challenge. Your users are kids, the people who pay for it are the parents. You have to market to both.

Moctezuma: Yeah, and we have also seen that teachers are very important because they can recommend it.

Dodge: So you think the teachers will tell the students, the students will tell the parents and the parents will pay the money?

Calacanis: Is this a pass, a consider, an definite?

Conway: I would consider it but I would encourage the company to

Zachary: I applaud the effort, but this would be a pass for me. There is so much competition here. Partnerships I have , we were investors in Knowledge Adventure, that was nominal return. Getting awareness with parents is very hard, school boards are very political. A lot of greasing required.


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