TC50 (Demopit): LIFEmee Keeps An Online Record Of Your Life "From The Cradle To The Crave"

lifemeeThere are a number of promising web companies here at TechCrunch50 that didn’t make the cut as TechCrunch50 finalists, but were chosen as DemoPit participants instead. One of these companies, a 4-man startup based out of Tokyo called LIFEmee, has probably one of the grandest ideas of TechCrunch50 as a whole: The service intends to become a platform for recording, managing and sharing your life online – from “the cradle to the grave”, as LIFEmee itself puts it.

Users can choose between a set of different tools to organize their life on the site. For example, they can keep a daily diary (“MyLife”), list up significant past events in your life (“MyHistory”), manage their assets and annual income or even upload a Last Will and Testament.


LIFEmee visualizes all the data you enter in the form of a time line (“LIFEstream”) that reaches from past to future events and lets you browse through these events with the click of a button. For example, you can write about memories of your wedding party that took place 3 years ago but also motivate yourself by uploading a picture of your dream house you plan to buy 5 years later. You’re free to choose to keep all your information private or share it with friends.

But you can also open life data stored on LIFEmee to everyone, making it possible to share and compare aspects of your own life with that of other members around the globe. This so-called “World function” allows you to look into what kind of assets those users have or how high their annual income is. LIFEmee also automatically ranks your own assets and income with other users so that you can compare your financial situation with members with similar jobs and biographies living in the same area, for example.

LIFEmee launched today and is currently in alpha mode.