MySpaceID Comes To The Windows Live Family

MySpaceID, the social network’s login platform that’s comparable to Facebook Connect, is coming to Windows Live and its sister properties, including Windows Live’s main portal, Windows Live Messenger, and Hotmail. In short, the new functionality will allow users to import their recent MySpace notifications into these Microsoft properties, which rank among the web’s most popular services.

Beginning today, you’ll be able to automatically view blog posts, recent photo uploads, your friends’ status updates, and shared music without having to head back to the main MySpace portal. The feature uses, the protocol that’s also used by Facebook and Opera.

MySpaceID launched at around the same time as Facebook Connect, but so far it hasn’t seen nearly as much distribution. Still, it continues to make some steady progress — last March it launched a major update to the platform that enabled the stream syndication features we’re seeing today on Microsoft’s sites.