Countdown To TechCrunch50, And Some Advice From Veterans

It’s less than a day before the third annual (and third sold out) TechCrunch50 launch event in San Francisco. Fifty startups are preparing to launch their new products on stage in front of thousands of people. Are they nervous? Yep. But its all part of a rite of passage into the wonderfully chaotic world of being a startup entrepreneur.

A bunch of good articles giving advice to launching startups have been posted over the last couple of days. We’re linking to them here, because when CNET and others look back at TechCrunch50 2009 and sort the winners from the losers, you want to be on that winners list. So take the advice of these grizzled veterans seriously. And then ignore most of it and forge your own path, like all good entrepreneurs do anyway:

22 Tips on How to Operate a Trade Show Booth: Jason Calacanis gives solid, useful advice on how to run your TechCrunch50 (or any conference) booth.

An Open Letter To All TechCrunch50 2009 Startups: The TC “Bump”, What It Really Means & How To Navigate It: Sean Power with Alistair Croll talk about their experience of launching Akoha at TechCrunch50 2008, and how to make the most out of the traffic and attention you’ll receive. Good advice: “Being Talked About Is Nothing. Being Remembered Is Everything.”

Don’t drink your own Kool-Aid (surviving TC50): Mark Suster says not to get too into the hype and attention you’ll receive right around the conference. Memorialize it, but don’t believe too much of the hype. Use all that attention to build a sustainable business.

See you all tomorrow!