Welcome To Silicon Valley, FairCompanies. Thanks For Not Breaking Into My House

How polite! A husband and wife team, the founders of Barcelona-based FairCompanies, visits Silicon Valley. And unlike a certain group of Dutch entrepreneurs, they don’t decide to break into my house as a publicity stunt.

Instead they visit our office in the wee hours of the morning and leave a very nice note on our window:

TechCrunch – We are visiting from Barcelona and are readers of your blog. We don’t want to go into Michael’s house like the random Dutch guys, but we wanted to let you know about our site. We are a husband and wife team (he: ex-tech writer for Spanish Playboy & she: shooter/producer for MTV) with a site with tools on sustainability. Well, check it out @ faircompainies.com

Best, Kirsten & Nico

They add “Please don’t print this unless necessary” (it was, plus they didn’t write “off record” on the note) and apparently taped a Spanish Focaccia to the note that never actually made it to my desk.

Good luck with your startup, Kirsten and Nico. And next time, email ahead and we’ll meet you in person!