Mouse pad enthusiasts, this is your bag


Hey guys. Hanging out on a pile of rocks with your laptop bags, huh? Can I join you? No? Why, because I don’t have my own laptop bag? Ah, I see. Laptop Bag Owners Club members only, eh? Tough but fair. If I buy one of those bags can I join you? No? Ah, I see. The Laptop Bag Owners Club is also known as the No Dougs Club, too. Gotcha. What if I change my first na—just no? No, in general, no matter what? Okay, thanks anyway.

The bag you see triplicated in the above photo is from Lug and it’s called the Flatbed Slim Laptop Brief. It has many pockets and straps and, much like babies and certain adults, features a “wipeable bottom,” according to the product description.

It opens up flat for easy security checkpoint passage and can fit notebooks up to 17 inches in size. As a bonus, it features a handy built-in mouse pad.


He sure looks happy using that mouse pad there. Too bad he doesn’t notice the guy in the background hitting on his girlfriend. Looks like she’s interested, too. Perhaps there’s gonna be an opening in the Laptop Bag Owners/No Dougs Club after all.

The price of the bag is $66, which seems like an awful lot unless you’re really keen on the mouse pad thing. Available in eight colors.

Flatbed Slim Laptop Brief []