How-to: Expand the storage capacity of an Acer Aspire easyStore with eSATA

Some people – especially those that have a 100Mbps connection – can actually fill up one an Acer Aspire easyStore WHS. But for some reason, the stock eSATA port doesn’t support port multiplication so that means you will not able able to use one of those multi-drive eSATA enclosures. Have no fear. There is a solution.

3833289772_422fe14e54_oWhat you need to do us install another eSATA port, which doesn’t seem that hard. The easyStore is easy enough to open up and right on the edge is a PCI Express slot where you’ll need to install the card. Once that’s done, just install the driver and you’re done. Just plug in a multi-drive eSATA and add the hard drives to the WHS cluster. That’s it. Oh, and according to the guide, you can even swap your drives between the server and the new enclosure once they are installed.

[kamlau via MS Windows Home Server]