3G iPod touch torn apart, 802.11n and FM transmission components found


When iFixit tore apart the new iPod nano, there was nothing surpising. But that’s not the case with the new iPod touch. It seems that the Broadcom BCM4329 chip found at the heart of the portable supports 802.11n WiFi and FM transmitting. But they also found something a bit more interesting related to the rumored camera.

Even the iPhone 3GS doesn’t have these features but we’re sure most users would love to have them. No one would turn down faster WiFi or the ability to stream music to a FM radio without an adapter. Both features would open up even more possibilities from the App developers.

Although it should be noted that an included FM transmitter would kill off more than a few products from 3rd party companies that pay hefty royalty fees to Apple and Apple likes its money. Now just because the chip supports these features, doesn’t mean that they will be enabled anytime soon. But I guess there is always the possibility.

Besides those surprises, the folks at iFixit also noted that there seems to be enough room above the Broadcom chip for a small camera supporting the well documented rumor. After all, we saw cases after cases meant for an iPod touch with a camera, but maybe that rumor of component shortages was actually true and it caused Apple to push back the announcement – or delay it permanently.

[iFixit via Giz]