Sprint changes the game, offers up unlimited everything for $69 per month


Let’s just say it: Sprint is back. First the carrier nabs the hottest handhelds with the Palm Pre, BlackBerry Tour and soon the HTC Hero and Palm Pixi. But that’s just the start.

Now, it’s offering up the $69 Any Mobile, Anytime plan which includes – get this – unlimited calls to any mobile phone, unlimited web surfing, Blackberry access, unlimited Direct Connect, unlimited text, picture, and video, and unlimited weekend minutes start at 7pm. Plus, the plan includes all the little extras like GPS Navigation, Music Premier, TV Premier, NFL Mobile Live, and NASCAR Sprint Cup Mobile. Wowsers.

Hopefully Sprint is successful with this latest push. If it is, then other carriers will have to follow suit which means everyone wins. Right now most of us pay a ridiculous amount each month for mobile service. My $149 plan on Verizon includes BIS and 1200 minutes, but only a small text messaging package for both lines. With Sprint, I can spend $20 less, but have unlimited everything and more minutes.

Maybe Sprint realizes that people buy into plans more than the handsets. Sure, the iPhone is cool, but the monthly plan is damn expensive which probably turns some folks off. It’s a shame too because the hardware is an amazing piece of technology. But times are tough and not everyone can afford that type of plan every month. An unlimited plan for only $70 is a lot easier and there will be a good amount of quality but affordable hardware to choose from soon anyway.

Well done, Sprint. Well done.