South Carolina's Joe Wilson Faces The Wrath Of The Web

joe-wilsonIt seems just about everyone on the web is talking about Joe Wilson, the Republican Congressman from South Carolina (yes, our favorite state) who accosted President Obama during his speech to Congress yesterday. His name has been the top trending topic on Twitter going on its second day now — and that’s pretty impressive considering yesterday saw the return of Steve Jobs and a range of new Apple releases, and today has some big Android announcements. And now Wilson has his own awesome site.

Joe Wilson Is Your Pre-Existing Condition couldn’t be more simple: Take Wilson’s name and insert it into some kind of problem the world faces. For example, “Joe Wilson Spit In Your Beer”, “Joe Wilson Used Your Tax Dollars To Pay His Medical Bills”, and “Joe Wilson Hit Your Car In The Parking Lot And Drove Off Without Leaving A Note”. Then of course they veer into the humorously absurd:  “Joe Wilson Ate The Last Slice Of Pizza”, “Joe Wilson Hit On Your Mom”, and my favorite, “Joe Wilson Shit In Your Kitchen”.

The idea behind the site is clear: In the lower right hand corner there is the message, “YOU DISSED AMERICA; WE’LL DIS YOU RIGHT THE FUCK BACK. HELP RUN JOE WILSON OUT OF OFFICE”. The last part links to a donation site for Rob Miller, the man running against Wilson for his seat in 2010.

Since I loaded up Wilson’s result on Twitter just 15 minutes ago, there are already another 20,000 tweets. That’s fairly insane. Obviously some of it is spammers latching on to the trend, but much of it is pure hatred for the Congressman. The lesson? If you’re going to disrespect the President and Congress, expect to be disrespected a thousand fold on the web.

Update: The site is the work of fellow tech journalist Mat Honan, inspired by his previous hit site, Barack Obama is your New Bicycle. Here’s a bit more on the new site from Honan.

Screen shot 2009-09-10 at 12.13.17 PM

Screen shot 2009-09-10 at 12.12.48 PM

Watch the original video below (key part is about 2:13 in):

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