TweetDeck Goes Full-Stream With MySpace, More Facebook Hooks, And A User Directory

TweetDeck, the most popular software client for Twitter, is not just for Twitter anymore. Founder Iain Dodsworth’s ambition is to make TweetDeck more of a generalized stream reader. Last March, he already added limited Facebook functionality. But with the release today of version 0.30, he is finally bringing in the full Facebook stream into TweetDeck, expanding to MySpace updates, and launching a TweetDeck directory of suggested users to follow.

Before, all you could do in your Facebook column in TweetDeck was post status updates and read your feed of friends’ updates. Now you can drag and drop photos and videos, add inline comments and likes, and create different groups of friends to follow (all presumably using Facebook’s new Stream API). The threaded comments and drag-and-drop for adding images and videos will be the big crowd-pleasers, and we noted that the default photo sharing app in TweetDeck for new installs has now changed to TwitPic competitor TweetPhoto (review).

In addition to Twitter and Facebook, you can now also keep track of your MySpace stream in Tweetdeck. You can update your mood or status, comment on a friend’s profile, or just wade through your MySpace activity stream, complete with photos and videos.

Finally, TweetDeck is is taking its suggested user feature and turning it into a Twitter directory. The page is divided into categories such as music, news, writers, tech, and travel, with sub-categories and an expandable list of suggested Twitter users in each.

I just hope the TechCrunch version of TweetDeck gets updated soon too.