Review: Bomb Commander for the iPhone

The quality of iPhone games have been improving over the last couple years and Anima’s Bomb Commander is clearly one of the latest wonders to hit the iPhone (and iPod Touch). It’s a simple game, really.

You see, you have a finite amount of shields available to protect your planet. A constant onslaught of bombs and space destroyers are threatening to burn your planet to a crisp. Tapping on one bomb will cause a chain reaction of other bombs to go off if they’re within distance before they cripple your force shields. You’re given a variety of bombs and setting off a chain reaction of explosions will reward you within more bombs and shields.

I clearly stink at the game so I haven’t progressed through the game as fast as I would like, but I’m OK with that because the game is challenging and makes me come back for more.

Graphics are high quality and gameplay is simple enough to pick up and play without the tutorial. Bomb Commander is a AAA title and a must have for iPhone and iPod Touch owners. Get it now for $1.99 from the App Store.

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