iPhone OS 3.1 brings improved App organization via iTunes 9


Way back in February, when iPhone OS 3.1 was but a distant “dream,” we posted 8 Little Things We Still Can’t Stand About the iPhone. More than half a year has passed and we can finally knock #7, “Arranging applications sucks something terrible,” off the list with the release of iPhone OS 3.1.

Apple succinctly explains this new feature:

Organize Apps in iTunes

Use iTunes on your computer to drag apps onto virtual Home screens, then sync them to your iPhone.

Gone are the frustrating days of rearranging iPhone / iPod touch apps with the old “tap > hold > drag > drop” system. Now, managing and organizing your plethora of iApps could not be easier – simply click and move apps around your iDevice from the comfort of your computer. As great as multi-touch is, sometimes the tried and true method of “mousing” just cannot be beat. Farewell, #7. We won’t miss ya.