iida Ply and Prismoid: Japan gets two new designer cell phones

Japan’s No. 2 cell phone carrier KDDI au is stepping up its efforts to promote its iida sub brand of designer cell phones (here‘s my photo report of some iida concept phones from back in April). Not only did it present its robotic cell phone Polaris today, it now gives us another two (more conventional) phones.

And these you can actually buy soon (if you live in Japan).

The first iida phone unveiled today is the iida Ply [link in English], which comes with a plywood stand. Part of the phone (pictured at the top and below) is plywood, too, and it looks much prettier than the Prismoid. Its features include a 3.2MP camera, a One-Seg digital TV tuner, support of various KDDI au services, and a 3-inch TFT display.

The second, the Prismoid [link in English], isn’t that pretty if you ask me (pictured below). It features a 2.7 inch main display (IPS) and a 0.6-inch sub display (OLED) that shows you the latest news. There also a 1.97MP CMOS camera and a microSD and microSDHC slot, but nothing outrageous.

Both phones will be available in Japan only starting in the fall.