The Top 20 VC Bloggers (September 2009)

When it comes to lists of top VCs, one of our favorites is the top VC bloggers. Larry Cheng, a partner at Fidelity Ventures, started keeping just such a list last May, based on how many subscribers each VC blogger has on Google Reader. This morning he updated his VC blogger leaderboard. The top 20 are below, all 100 are on his own blog, Thinking About Thinking (No. 71).

These rankings obviously do not correlate with venture returns, but they are one measure of who are the most interesting VCs. Guy Kawasaki and Fred Wilson kept their No. 1 and No. 2 spots on the leaderboard, but Benchmark’s Bill Gurley made a big move from No. 9 to No. 3.  That pushed most everybody else down a notch.  Dave McClure made his debut on the list at No. 13.  And Peter Rip moved up 37 spots to No. 15.  Here is the full leaderboard:

Top  20 VC Bloggers

Rank (Change) Name, Venture Firm, Blog (Subscribers)

  1. (-) Guy Kawasaki, Garage Technology Ventures, How To Change The World (24,356)
  2. (-) Fred Wilson, Union Square Ventures, A VC (21,881)
  3. (+6) Bill Gurley, Benchmark Capital, Above The Crowd (8,897)
  4. (-1) David Hornik, August Capital, VentureBlog (8,037)
  5. (-1) Brad Feld, Foundry Group, Feld Thoughts (7,543)
  6. (-1) Marc Andreesen, TBD, (5,727)
  7. (-1) Ed Sim, Dawntreader Ventures, Beyond VC (4,162)
  8. (-2) Josh Kopelman, First Round Capital, Redeye VC (4,071)
  9. (-1) Jeremy Liew, Lightspeed Ventures Partners, LSVP (3,512)
  10. (+3) Seth Levine, Foundry Group, VC Adventure (1,569)
  11. (-) David Cowan, Bessemer Venture Partners, Who Has Time For This? (1,526)
  12. (-) Christopher Allen, Alacrity Ventures, Life With Alacrity (1,419)
  13. (new) Dave McClure, Founders Fund, Master of 500 Hats (1,417)
  14. (-) Multiple Authors, Union Square Ventures, Union Square Ventures Blog (1,365)
  15. (+37) Peter Rip, Crosslink Capital, EarlyStageVC (1,107)
  16. (-1) Rick Segal, JLA Ventures, The Post Money Value (1,043)
  17. (-) Mike Hirshland, Polaris Venture Partners, VC Mike’s Blog (1,038)
  18. (-2) Jeff Bussgang, Flybridge Capital Partners, Seeing Both Sides (1,018)
  19. (+2) Mendelson/Feld, Foundry Group, Ask The VC (1,017)
  20. (-2) Tim Oren, Pacifica Fund, Due Diligence (924)