Super thin ASUS 'Designo' LCD monitors are coming

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If you’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting for an LCD monitor that’s only 0.65 inches thin, your wait may soon be over. Otherwise, a standard monitor ought to do just fine. But if thin’s your thing, ASUS has just announced its line of “Designo” monitors that’ll be available in 20-, 22-, 23-, and 24-inch sizes.

In true ASUS form, there’s no pricing or availability information yet but you’ll be able to buy one of five monitors: 20-inch at 1600×900, 22-inch at 1680×1050, 21.5-inch at 1920×1080, 23-inch at 1920×1080, and 23.6-inch at 1920×1080.


After your hipster friends are done oohing and aahing, you can tell them that “The design concept behind the Designo MS Series is inspired by the binary state, incorporating a series of contrasting elements like the numbers 1 and 0, straight lines and circles, and black and white into an ultra-slim monitor with a 16.5mm profile.”

Very fancy, indeed. The ring stand allows for one-finger tilt adjustment, too.

ASUS Introduces the Designo MS Series LCD Monitors [ via Engadget]

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