Qualcomm FLO TV user interface images leak into our inbox

Well look at this. We still don’t know any hard facts about the Qualcomm FLO TV product, but a highly reliable source just confirmed to us that yes, it does exist and that these images are of the user interface. Even better, we might get more info later this week about the hardware, availability and/or price.

That last point is what we would really like to know. FLO TV is great and all, but the current offering doesn’t present enough benefit for the cost. Maybe a larger screen than a cell phone will help justify it. Oh, and more TV stations would be nice too. But let’s speculate a few things from these pics. That’s always fun.

What we can make out from these images is that the interface looks like it’s made for a 4:3 screen which makes this product concept look less real. Maybe it’s that these images are just concepts too. But other than that, it confirms that it will be a touchscreen device even though no one probably thought different. Oh, that and someone really likes The Hills.