Asus Eee-book reader to sport dual color touchscreens, webcam?

(Not the real thing)

(Not the real thing)

It was just a week or two ago that Asus said they were getting into the e-book reader market, and now they’ve gone and given away some details that sound too good to be true. Dual color touchscreens? Sounds like the OLPC 2, except the Eee Reader may actually make it to market.

Asus spoke to the Sunday Times, and said that their contribution to the e-book reader dogpile will be full-color, touchable, and equipped with speakers, a mic, and a webcam. Okay, sounds ridiculous already, but according to the Sunday Times (though they credit no one), Asus is said to be aiming at a price point of around £100. That’s less than $200, people.

Think it’s impossible? So do I. But until last year I didn’t think people would buy $300 laptops. At any rate, Asus will be showing this thing at CES, so maybe we’ll get world’s-first-hands-on with it like I did with the Eee keyboard.

[via Wired]