Scratch-n-Scroll mousepad

We’ve been hearing for what feels like decades about the “paperless” revolution, wherein everything will be written on computers. The problem is that computers — even smartphones and tablet PCs — still make it unnecessarily complicated to jot down a quick note. You know, the kind of thing that doesn’t have any lasting permanence but something you’re going to forget in the next five minutes before you need to use it. Sure, you could use a Post-It note, but that involves the killing of trees and who really needs that on their conscience? The quirky Scratch-n-Scroll mousepad may be worth your consideration.

It’s a typical mousepad, with a pressure sensitive sheet on top. You know, the kind of thing you used to use on those long car rides to Grandma’s house so you could play ten thousand games of tick-tack-toe on a single playing surface? Finish a game, lift the contact sheet, and viola, a blank slate! Now the same technology can be used to allow you to scrawl passwords, PIN codes, porn URLs, etc. When you’re done with all that ephemera, simply lift the contact sheet and have a fresh pad on which to jot down more URLs. All without killing trees!

I wonder how well this would work for gamers. I imagine some kind of crazy Jackson Pollock-esque modern art after a long WoW or CounterStrike session. Or whatever game it is the kids are playing today.

It’s only ten U.S. dollars. Not bad.