Breaking: Spotify App Goes Live on iPhone and Android

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Streaming music service Spotify has launched on the iPhone and Android devices for its premium subscribers only. You can download it from Apple’s App Store here and the Android Market. Though plans to launch there are in play, the service is not yet live in the US, and it has already taken several European markets by storm. This iPhone app is basically identical to the leaked beta we reviewed in detail.

The mobile apps will allow you to play the entire Spotify catalogue and the ‘offline mode’ caches playlists so they can be played… when you are offline, like on a plane. Spotify has set up a special mobile section with more details.

The launch of this mobile version now fires the starting gun on their US launch plans. A large number of record labels have actually invested in the Swedish-born, London-based startup, which is now valued at €170 million, or about $242 million, with a post money valuation of around €200 million.

This is the first time Spotify has gone mobile with its service and it’s sure to cause a lot of interest. Spotify really is unlike pretty much any streaming service you’ve tried before, mainly because tracks start to play almost instantly due to the P2P technology employed. On a mobile the effect is impressive. See the video below.

Though on the face of it Spotify appears to compete with iTunes,in reality, as we predicted, Apple appears to be relaxed about the service, presumably so long as the mobile app remains tied to premium subscribers. Oh, and Mark Zuckerburg loves it.

  • Daniel Brusilovsky

    Of course, no love for the US!

    • David K

      Patience, patience.
      They’re still waiting for Hulu. We can’t have everything in the US.

      • ryan

        I’d rather have Hulu

      • joaquinadley

        On the face, Spotify appears to compete with iTunes really. But Apple appears to be relaxed about the whole thing.

    • Sean

      Think of how many services like this launch with US exclusivity, and how everyone bitches about that. Now we know how the rest of the world feels. It sucks but life goes on and we’ll eventually get it I’m sure.

  • Anthony Hocken

    Indeed, we’ll give you a swap. Give us Hulu and you’ll get Spotify. Only fair!

    Took this Spotify app long enough to be approved. Much have been 3 weeks. Apple sure did some um-ing and ar-ing over this one.

  • Basar

    You guys got Hulu and Pandora. Let us enjoy our Spotify :)

  • Philippe Dubost

    Only available to Premium users :/

  • Tony A.A.

    Big deal not in US. What about Canada? We don’t have neither hulu nor spotify.

    • Basar

      you get pandora though, no?

      • Tony A.A.

        Nope, it’s US only :O(

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  • Daniel McClure

    Been waiting for this. It’s a shame that it’s premium only however it might be good for the occasional day pass. Otherwise my mp3/podcast collection will likely do the trick on the go.

    • Daniel McClure

      Can’t even log in to the app without premium…

  • asdfew

    Now, they will turn to the Blackberry and I am happy.

  • Nathan Massey

    Just been trying it out for the last hour, and it’s fantastic.

    The only downside is that the iPhone’s inability to run more than 1 app at a time becomes very apparent when using Spotify mobile.

  • Kieran Seán Fitzpatrick

    so the real question here is, how can a US itunes account get this on his or her non jailbroken iPhone?

    getting a spotify account is fairly easy through proxy, and once you’re paying for it, they don’t seem to care what country you’re “traveling in”

    • Jim

      Oh yes they care. I moved from France to Sweden for studies and after two weeks or so some tracks disappeared from my playlists :s (they are just hidden so I can listen to them when I come back to France). That kind of stuff makes me hate those stupids majors even more (I didn’t think it was possible).

    • Mats Haugen

      Just create a new account. I have both a US and Norwegian account.

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  • Frank Lopez

    come on pre version.

    When it hits I wont wait till the u.s launch ill jut buy the euro premium (a little bit more) I have been enjoying spotify for the last 8 months.

    Love it cant live without. I dont need to download anything that is awesome.

    This on the pre with its multi tasking bad self will be awesome.

  • Andy Brett

    can’t wait to get it in the states

  • thiago freitas
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  • lemonobrien

    who cares; streaming music/videos is old hat. i don’t get the bs, just pr ‘tards.

  • blues

    Far away from me

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  • iphone to computer transfer

    That’s great of iphone.

  • kbc

    China unicom have to sell 2600,000 iphone in China each you kown? That is a great cooperate and also a difficult assignment

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  • Adam

    So if you’re a premium Spotify user in the U.S. how the do you get this on your iPhone?

    • Noah

      If you find out, let mr know.

  • Joe Dawson

    You need to have a premium account to use Spotify Mobile. The app would be better if it provided the ability to register and also upgrade to a premium account!

  • Ben Novakovic

    This looks awesome! You can also view the We Are Hunted chart ( directly from the interface, and keep it synced which is pretty awesome.

    <3 mashups.

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